Create project components

Components are only available in company-managed projects.

Components let you and your team classify issues so you can easily find and report on them. As a project admin, you can create components that you and your team can then add to issues via the standard component field.

To create a new component:

  1. Navigate to your project and choose Project settings

  2. Choose Components in the sidebar and choose Create component

  3. Give the component a name

  4. Optionally, fill in the following values:

    • Description - Describe the component so other can understand what it’s used for

    • Component lead - A person designated as being responsible for issues that have the component

    • Default assignee - A person who is automatically assigned to the issue if the component is added

  5. Choose Save.

Once you’ve added at least one component, a new Components item will appear in the project view navigation. There, you and your team can view existing components and the issues that have that component.

A list of components in a Jira project.

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