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Filter, search, and customize the cards on your board

All users with access to the project can:

  • Filter their issues

  • Search on the board

Filter the board

Select Filter to filter issues on your board. Learn how to use filters.

Search on the board

You can search by keyword or issue key in the board view. Enter the keyword or issue key you want to search the issues for and all issues containing that keyword will be shown.

Customize the cards on your board

You can customize the cards shown on your board to see the information that’s most important to you. You can choose to see as much or as little information on the cards of your issues on the board.

To adjust what information you view for the cards on the board, you can:

  1. Select More at the top-right of your screen in the board view

  2. Select Customize cards

  3. Choose what values you’d like visible on your cards by selecting or deselecting the field you’d like to view. The fields of the cards will automatically adjust on your board.

alt="Customizing issue's cards to view more or less information within the board view."

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