Use Jira Work Management for operations projects

Operations teams do all kinds of projects, ranging from office moves to site audits.

The Jira Work Management Project Management template is an ideal base project for managing short-term and delivery-based projects.

Workflow with to do, in progress, and done statuses.

About the template

  • Ideal for projects of any size, any duration, and for any deliverable.

  • Can be used to track milestones and set time limits for activities

  • Easily customized to include additional steps, such as review, blocked, etc.

Stay on top of everything

You're able to view the status of every task on the board, including who is working each thing, and if it is overdue.

Board showing operations tasks in various stages of the workflow.

Add milestones using versions

Projects often have 'checkpoints' or milestones that need to be reached in order to keep the broader project on track. In Jira Work Management you can use versions as milestones. Once you've set up version, you can organise work into different versions.

See Organizing work with versions

Report back to management

Projects are usually made up of well-defined, specific, measurable activities that have one major deliverable or goal. This makes project reporting even more critical to ensuring things get delivered on time. Jira Work Management includes built-in reporting, but you can also use your dashboard, and custom filters based on your searches to monitor activities.


Jira Work Management is highly customizable. Some common customizations include:

  • Adding additional steps to the workflow (such as approvals), to fit the way a project works.

  • Changing the layout of tasks to capture specific information.

  • Use labels to track groups of issues related to project phases or workstreams.

Additional Help