Team-managed projects in Jira Work Management

We’re trialing team-managed projects in Jira Work Management. Some users may see the option to create a team-managed project.

Filter, sort, copy, and rank issues in the list

All users with access to the project can:

  • Filter their issues

  • Copy their issues

  • Change the order of their issues

  • Reorder their list fields

Filter the list

Select Filter to filter issues in your list. Learn how to use filters.

Sort the list

To sort the list alphabetically, you can:

  1. Hover your cursor over the field (column) header

  2. Select the upwards arrow icon to sort the list alphabetically A → Z or Z → A.

To quickly copy an issue link, you can:

  1. Hover your cursor over the issue key you’d like to copy.

  2. Select the link icon and it will automatically copy the link to the issue.

alt="Copying an issue in the list view."

Change the order of your issues

Drag and drop an issue within a column to rank it higher or lower in the list. Moving your items in the list allows you to order your tasks any way you like, such as by importance, complexity, or relevance.

alt="Changing the order of the issues in the list view."

Reorder the fields in your list

Arrange your list so you can view the information that’s most important to you first. Everyone visualizes their work differently, so you may want to customize the list so you can focus on the most important fields.

To reorder the fields in your list:

  1. Hover your cursor over the field (column) header

  2. Select the drag icon

  3. Drag the fields (columns) at the top of the list to suit the order in which you’d like to view your items.

alt="Reordering the fields in the list view."

Additional Help