What is a saved search?

You can save issue searches as filtersYou can search for issues using different criteria in basic or advanced search, and then save your search criteria as a filter, becoming the filter’s owner. The owner can decide what to do with their filter — either make it private for personal use or share it with different entities, such as users, projects, or groups. If the filter is private, only the owner and Jira admin can view and modify it.

From the navigation bar, select > View all issues to to see all your filters (system and starred) in the sidebar.

If the sidebar isn't showing, hover your mouse over Expand and click it to see your filters.

Save your search criteria with a filter so you can get to your issues faster.

  1. Define and run your search.

  2. Select Save as above the search results.

  3. Enter a name for the new filter and select Submit.

By default, when you create a filter, it’ll be starred. You can remove a starred filter by selecting Filters from the top navigation and removing it from the list.

To see all the filters, you can select Filters > View all filters from the navigation bar.

If you’re in a team-managed project, you won’t be able to see the list of filters (system and starred) in the sidebar. To see your starred filters in a team-managed project, you need to select Filters from the navigation bar.

Saved searches (also known as filters) are shown in the sidebar. To run a filter—for example, My open issues—select the filter name. If you can't see the sidebar, select the arrow below the Jira logo to expand it.

Selecting some filters, like the Viewed recently filter, will switch you to the advanced search (JQL) as the basic search can't represent the ORDER BY clause in this filter.

Filters in Jira

System filters

Jira has a set of filters that are pre-defined for you. The JQL query for these filters will be set and the search results will be displayed.

For example, you can simply select the My open issues filter to run it, and you’ll get a list of all your issues with the status Open.

System filters in Jira are:

  • My open issues

  • Reported by me

  • All issues

  • Open issues

  • Done issues

  • Viewed recently

  • Created recently

  • Resolved recently

  • Updated recently

Simply select one of the filters above to run them. These filters have a preset criteria defined already and you don’t have to define your search criteria for them.

Starred filters

You can save your frequently used search criteria as filters. For example, if you often search for issues that are unassigned, then you can save a filter for this search so that you don’t have to set the search criteria every time you want to run it. You can select the filter instead to see all issues that are unassigned.

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