Team-managed projects in Jira Work Management

We’re trialing team-managed projects in Jira Work Management. Some users may see the option to create a team-managed project.

Create and edit issues and subtasks on the board

Before you begin

You’ll need the:

  • Create Issues project permission for the issue's relevant project to create issues and subtasks.

  • Edit Issues project permission for the issue's relevant project to edit issues and subtasks.

Learn more about project permissions.

Create issues for your board

To create an issue from within the board:

  1. Select Create in the TO DO column.

  2. A text field will appear. Start typing to give your issue a name.

  3. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue. The issue will appear in the first column on the board.

alt="Creating an issue from within the board view."

Learn how to create an issue anywhere in Jira.

Create subtasks on your board

Subtasks are useful for breaking a task down into smaller chunks of work. You have more visibility of the smaller tasks that need to be completed.

You can create subtasks if your business project has subtasks as a default issue type.

Learn how to add a subtask as an issue type.

To create a subtask, you’ll need to:

  1. Open the issue you’d like to create a subtask for.

  2. Select Create subtask  under the issue summary.

  3. Add an issue summary and select Create.

Learn more about creating subtasks.

Quickly perform actions for your cards from within the board

Move even quicker in the board by performing actions for your cards without opening the issue’s detailed view. Hover your cursor over the card and select the three horizontal dots at the top right of the card. You can:

  • Copy the link of the issue

  • Delete the card (if you have the Delete issues permission for the project)

  • Move the card to the top or bottom of the column it’s currently in

alt="Managing an issue from within the board view."

View and edit an issue's details on your board

To view and edit an issue’s details, you’ll need to:

  1. Select an issue to open the issue detail view.

  2. Edit the issue’s details.

Learn more about editing issues.

Additional Help