Create and edit issues and subtasks on the board

Before you begin

In order to create and edit issues and subtasks, you’ll need the create issue and edit issue permission.

Learn more about project permissions for your company-managed project.

Learn more about project permissions for your team-managed project.

alt="Creating an issue from within the board view."

Create issues for your board

To create an issue from within the board:

  1. Select + Create in the first column of your board. A text field will appear.

  2. Give your issue a name.

  3. Choose which type of issue you’d like to create from the dropdown (if your project has more than one issue type). All issue types associated with your business project except for subtasks, will be included. Learn more about creating subtasks.

  4. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue. The issue will appear in the first column on the board.

Learn how to create an issue anywhere in Jira.

View and edit an issue's details on your board

To view and edit an issue’s details, you’ll need to:

  1. Select an issue to open the issue detail view.

  2. Edit the issue’s details.

Learn more about editing issues.


View subtasks on your board

If your issue has a subtask, it will be nested below its respective parent item regardless of its status.

Currently, the board does not support filtering by subtask. You can only view subtasks that are nested under their parent.

To view (or hide) an item’s subtasks, select the expand or collapse icon inside the board card.

Learn more about what fields you can display or hide on the board cards.


alt="User is expanding their board cards to view the subtasks below it."

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