Sign off and approve work

This feature is currently rolling out and may not be available on your instance yet

This page refers to approvals, which is a feature for Jira Work Management that’s only available for:

  • Jira Work Management Cloud Premium licenses

  • Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Enterprise license

  • Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise licenses

There are a few different ways that you can sign off and approve work if an approval has been set up for your project.

Sign off through the approvals view

To view issues that are pending your approval, you can:

  1. Select Approvals in your project view navigation (horizontal navigation above the project you’re viewing).

  2. Select the Pending your approval button at the top-right of your approval view. Here’s where you’ll see all of the issues that are pending your approval.

  3. Select either the tick or cross icon under Action to approve or decline the work.

Another way you can approve an issue is by opening the issue, and selecting Approve or Decline in the right section of the issue dialog.

Approval notifications

When your approval is required, you’ll receive a notification and an email. The notification and email will link you directly to the issue where you can find more information and you can approve or decline the work.

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