Add new users

Working alone isn't much fun, so let's add some test users to your Jira Work Management Cloud site. You can add users directly, or allow new users to sign up themselves. In this step in the tutorial, you'll add three users directly to your site. 

Add a few users 

We'll be adding three users: Jason, Kate and Emma. You can add more or choose your own usernames if you like—just remember we'll be referring to these usernames later in the tutorials. You can always disable or delete any users you set up.

If you've logged out of your new Cloud site, log in with the administrator account you created.

  1. Go to  > Site administration.

  2. Add email addresses for Jason, Kate, and Emma (or your real teammates).

    • Separate the email addresses with commas to invite multiple users.

    • If you're testing and your team uses Gmail, you can use email aliases like "" and "" to send the invitations to yourself.

    • You'll also have the option of allowing any user with that email domain to join your site without being invited. See Specify how users get site access for more information.

  3. Select the products from the Application access list that they should have access to. In this case, at least choose Jira Core. You can always change this later.

  4. Click Invite users.

If you've linked Bitbucket accounts with Jira products, you can add new users to a Bitbucket group from the Bitbucket groups page.

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