What can I do on a board?

The board view in business projects is designed to give you an easy and clear way to visualize work. You get a snapshot of project progress, including what work is yet to be started, what's in progress, and what's completed. Simply drag your cards throughout the workflow to columns that reflect the relevant status. The board's workflow typically represents work processes within your organization.

You can also group your work by priority, assignee, and category depending on how you prefer to visualize your work. The board is grouped by status by default.

Boards are often used with Scrum or Agile methodology which helps non-software teams view progress and spot blockers. To start using the board view, open your business project and select Board in the project view navigation (horizontal navigation above your project’s view).

More about Scrum methodology

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If the board view doesn’t appear, your admin may have removed it from the navigation of the business project.



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