Team-managed projects in Jira Work Management

We’re trialing team-managed projects in Jira Work Management. Some users may see the option to create a team-managed project.

What can I do on a board?

Jira Work Management boards are designed to give you an easy and clear way to visualize work. You get a snapshot of project progress, including what work is yet to be started, what's in progress, and what is completed. Easily drag your issue cards throughout the workflow to columns that reflect the relevant status. The board's workflow typically represents work processes within your organization.

Kanban boards are often used with Scrum or Agile methodology which helps teams see progress and spot blockers. Boards are also useful for teams who work within other delivery frameworks such as Waterfall.

To start using boards, open your project and select Board in the sidebar.

alt="Board view of Jira Work Management business project."

Additional Help