Customize your list by adding or removing fields

Select which fields to display in your list

All users with access to the project can select which fields to display in their list.

Every team has different needs, so you may want to add or remove fields as columns so only the most important information is displayed in your list. You can select other columns you’d like to include in your list view. However, you’ll always see the type, key, and summary fields.

The columns are based on your business project’s configuration. The columns you choose to display in your list is only visible to you.

To customize the columns you see in your list:

  1. Select plus icon at the top right of your list. A drop-down menu will appear.

  2. Choose a field from the dropdown:

    1. Company and team managed projects: if the field is already associated to at least 1 issue type in the project → the field will be added as a column to the issue list view

    2. Team managed projects only: if the field is not associated to any issue types in the project → the field will be added as a column to the list view and automatically associated to all issue types in the project

You can also choose the plus icon that appears when you hover over each column. The new field will be added next to that column.

Plus icon hover between columns in list view

Column configurations are saved locally. The columns you add to your project aren't visible when the project is opened in a different browser or a private window.

Remove a field in your list

To remove or hide a field in your list:

  1. Hover over the field you want to hide.

  2. Select the drop-down () that appears.

  3. Select Hide field.

Add custom fields to your list

You can currently add the following custom fields to your list:

  • Short text

  • Paragraph

  • Labels

  • Number

  • Checkbox

  • Date picker

  • Date time picker

  • Single select

  • Select List (multiple choices)

  • URL

  • Comments

  • People field (team-managed project only)

  • Single user picker (company-managed project only)

  • Multi user picker (company-managed project only)

Learn more about adding custom fields to your project

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