Create, edit, and delete a project overview

As of May 2024, Overviews have been combined with Plans for customers who have a Jira Premium and Enterprise license. Read more about this change on our community blog.

If you see the Plans tab at the top of your page, you can find documentation for this experience here: Head over to the documentation for Plans.

This page refers to the Overviews tool that’s found only in business projects for users with Jira Work Management or Jira Service Management Cloud Premium and Enterprise standalone licenses.

In order to create, edit, and delete an overview, you’ll need the view issue permission for each of the projects included in your overview.

Learn more about project permissions for your company-managed project.

Learn more about project permissions for your team-managed project.

Create an overview

Here’s how you can get an aggregated view of work spanning multiple business projects. To create an overview of projects:

  1. Select the + symbol at the top left of your screen in your project sidebar next to the heading Overviews, or select the text that says Create an overview of projects.

  2. Name your overview.

  3. Select the projects you want to include in your overview from the drop-down menu.

  4. Choose a background color for your overview.

  5. Press enter on your keyboard to create your overview or select Create.

Once you’ve created an overview, you can access it from the sidebar to the left above your projects.

Overview rules

  • You can have a minimum of 2 projects per overview and a maximum of 20 projects per overview.

  • You can create a maximum of 10 overviews.

Edit an overview

To edit your overview:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow (:Dropdown:) next to your overview name.

  2. Select Edit overview.

  3. Select the field you’d like to edit.

  4. Edit the name, the projects selected or the background color.

  5. Select Save to apply your edits.

Delete an overview

To delete an overview:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow (:Dropdown:) next to your overview name.

  2. Select Delete overview.

  3. Confirm you would like to delete the overview by selecting Delete.

Share an overview

Currently, overviews cannot be shared as they are private and visible only to you.

Filter your overview

You can filter your overview by:

  • Assigned to me

  • Due this week

  • Done items

  • Date range

  • Assignee

  • Category

  • Type

  • Labels

  • Priority

  • Reporter

  • Project

  • Status

To filter your overview, you can:

  1. Select Filter in either the timeline or calendar view.

  2. Select which attributes you’d like to filter your overview by.

Learn more about filtering issues

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