Manage and view your calendar

View the status category of your issue by its color

Colored issues help you easily visualize the status of the issues in your calendar. Each of the issues in your calendar are colored based on their status. The colors are categorized by your project's workflow. Learn more about workflows.

What the colors may mean in your calendar:

  • Gray means your issue’s status is To do.

  • Green means your issue’s status is Done

  • Blue means your issue’s status is In Progress

  • Red means your issue is overdue.

Filter your calendar

Select Filter to filter issues on your calendar. Learn how to use filters.

Search the calendar

Use keywords from your issue summary, or description to search in the calendar view. Enter the keyword and all issues containing those keywords will be shown. You can also search by entering the whole issue key.

Choose which day your calendar starts on

Most industries, countries, and teams work on different days and schedules all over the world. The calendar view allows you to choose which day of the week you’d like to start on. Here’s how:

  1. Select the More button and the top-right of your calendar

  2. Choose from the available days, which day you’d like to view the start of your calendar.

Additional Help