Use Jira for HR projects

Jira comes packed with useful templates for a wide range of work tracking, and lets you update them to suit your needs. The Recruitment project template helps you track candidates through your HR recruitment process.

Workflow with applications, screening, interviewing, interview debrief, offer discussions, rejected, and accepted statuses

Keep track of candidates

Create an issue for each candidate you are considering hiring, then track the progress of their recruitment on the board. Get a quick overview of who's been interviewed, who's been screened, and more.

Board with issues for each candidate and different stages of the hiring process.

Manage all the files

Select the candidate's issue and click the
to attach relevant documents. This might include a resume, references, cover letter, and their portfolio. You can also use internal comments to make notes about interviews and other contact.

Make it work for you

Not all recruitment processes are the same. Here are some common ways to make it fit your process:

  • Customize the issue workflow to suit your recruitment process. For example, you may want to record three rounds of interviews—pre-screening, general, and shortlist. See Customize your project.

  • Create an issue for each role, then use subtasks to track candidates. This might be useful if you frequently have open roles an want to track overall recruiting in one place. See Create and work with issues.

  • Modify the board. Use the board to create the view you want of your recruitment stream. See Working with boards.

Additional Help