Team-managed projects in Jira Work Management

We’re trialing team-managed projects in Jira Work Management. Some users may see the option to create a team-managed project.

Create and edit issues and subtasks from the list view

Before you begin

You’ll need the:

  • Create Issues project permission for the issue's relevant project to create issues and subtasks.

  • Edit Issues project permission for the issue's relevant project to edit issues and subtasks.

Learn more about project permissions.

Create an issue from your list

To create an issue from the list view:

  1. Select the + Create button at the bottom of the list.

  2. Give your issue a name based on what work needs to be done.

  3. On your keyboard, press enter to create or escape to cancel.

Once you’ve created an issue, it will be added to your project with an automatically assigned issue key and a To do status.

alt="Creating an issue from within the list view."

Learn how to create an issue anywhere in Jira.

Quickly edit an issue

The list view allows you to quickly and easily make changes to your issues without having to open them individually.

To edit an issue from the list view:

  1. Select which field you’d like to edit.

  2. If it’s text, start typing and press enter when you’re finished.

  3. If it’s a selection, select the correct value from the drop-down menu.

  4. Your changes will be applied instantly.

alt="Editing an issue in list view."

View and edit issues in more detail from the list

To view an issue in more detail, select its issue key in the # Key column. This appears as a string of letters and numbers such, for example, ABC-123.

The issue view will open, where you can view its description, status, assignee, and other information in more detail.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select the specific issue in the # Key column.

  2. View your issue in more detail once the modal opens.

Here’s what it should look like:

alt="Viewing and editing an issue in more detail in the list view."

Learn more about editing issues.

Tasks and subtasks

Break down tasks into smaller subtasks in your list view. Subtasks are smaller tasks that relate to the task's overarching objective.

You can create subtasks if your business project has subtasks as a default issue type.

Learn how to add a subtask as an issue type.

To create a subtask, you'll need to:

  1. Select the plus symbol + in the row of the task you’d like to create a subtask for.

  2. Enter a summary of what needs to be done for this subtask.

  3. Press enter.

alt="Creating a subtask in the list view."

Additional Help