Business projects can be viewed as containers that hold issues. Each project has an associated workflow, which is the path issues follow from creation to completion. Start working on your assigned tasks by accessing and viewing the project they're in. 

Access a project 

  1. Choose Projects and select a project, or choose View all projects to visit the projects directory.
  2. Select Dragon Design Tees.

You'll land on the project summary page, which displays recent activity and lets you track the status of issues in this project.

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To quickly switch to a project you've recently viewed, click the project name in the sidebar.

View a project's issues 

You can view and filter the issues in your project so that you see, for example, only issues that are assigned to you. In your project, select Issues in the project sidebar. From here, you can preview issues, and select preconfigured filters to change which issues are displayed.

Well done! You now know how to browse to a project, and view the project details. Next, you'll create and work with some of your own issues.