Import data to a business project using a CSV file

Moving your work into Jira Work Management doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. With our new CSV importer, you can easily transfer information from tools such as Asana,, and ClickUp into Jira Work Management, allowing you to start working more quickly. Plus, you can now bring your business teams, like legal, marketing, and HR, into the Atlassian products suite.

To import data, simply upload a CSV file and the information will appear as issues in a Jira Work Management business project.

If you prefer to import your work into Jira Software or Jira Service Management, you’ll be switched back to the old experience.

Use the CSV importer

CSV importer preview table
  1. Head to the Projects tab in the main horizontal navigation and select Create a new project. This will take you to the template picker.

  2. In the side navigation, under More, select Import your work

  3. Select Import to Jira Work Management

  4. Upload the CSV file that you want to import. For best results, make sure your CSV file is properly prepared and structured. Learn more about preparing and structuring your CSV file

  5. After uploading the file, preview and map the column data to fields for how you want it to appear in the business project. We’ll create an issue in your new Jira Work Management project for each row of data. Learn more about mapping data

    1. If you want a field type specific to fit your team's needs, select Map to a field and then Create a new custom field. Learn more about custom fields

  6. Once you’ve mapped the data in the preview table, you’ll be prompted to setup a new Jira Work Management business project to finish the import. Learn more about creating a business project

  7. After the project has been setup, we’ll automatically start importing the data in the background and use a progress bar to indicate the status of your import. As data is imported it will show on the board view as issues in your new project. Learn more about the board view

imported task in board view JWM

If you experience any problems with the import or you want more information, contact support

Importing to Jira Work Management from other tools

Importing your data from other tools like, Clickup, Smartsheets and more is coming soon. For now, export the data from these products and then import it as a CSV file into Jira Work Management. Learn more about exporting from other tools


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