Manage your form fields

You have the flexibility to include certain fields in your business projects' forms. Recipients can enter details in order to create an issue for the project.

Required field in your form

Summary: This field is for recipients to enter the summary of the issue. This should provide an overview of the task at hand.

Other fields in your form

There are other fields in the form builder that are optional. They do not require any configuration. They are:

Description: This field is for recipients to enter more details to describe your issue.

Attachment: Enables recipients to attach files and images.

Due date: Indicates when the issue is due.

Priority: This field is to indicate the level of priority for the issue created. Priorities could be:

  • Highest

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

  • Lowest

Labels: This field allows you to informally categorize an issue using keywords or tags to easily distinguish them.

Rename fields in your form

You can rename each of the aforementioned fields to suit your form’s purpose.

To rename your form’s fields:

  1. Hover your cursor over the field you want to rename.

  2. Select the edit icon and enter what you’d like to name that field.

  3. Press enter.

Drag fields into your form

Drag and drop the field you’d like to include in your form. The fields that aren’t included in your form already are on the right side of the forms page.

Hide fields in your form

The summary field is the required field that cannot be hidden. All issues must have a summary.

To hide fields in your form, select the hide icon in the field box.

Jira custom fields that are supported in forms

You may want to include more details in your forms than the default fields. Project admins can set up additional custom and system fields that can be used in your form for your project.

To see these custom fields in your form, you’ll need to add the custom fields to that issue type scheme. Learn more about how to add a new issue type scheme. Once you’ve added the custom fields to the issue type scheme, you’ll need to set up the custom fields. Learn more about setting up custom fields. Once you’ve set up the additional field(s) that you’d like to include in your form, drag the field into your form.

Only a limited set of custom field types are supported at the moment. These are the custom fields you can currently only add:

  • Assignee

  • Date picker

  • Date time picker

  • Group picker (single groups)

  • Group picker (multiple groups)

  • Labels

  • Number field

  • Radio buttons

  • Select list (cascading)

  • Select list (multiple choices)

  • Select list (single choice)

  • Text field (multi-line)

  • Text field (single line)

  • URL field

These are the system fields you can currently only add:

  • Attachment

  • Due date

  • Description

  • Labels

  • Priority

Additional Help