Use Jira Work Management for finance projects

Finance teams are responsible for a lot. They manage whole of company finances, reconcile invoices and payments, and keep the books balanced.

One area that Jira Work Management can help with is the tracking of internal purchases. When there are other departments involved in requests, Jira Work Management can help centralize everything for better control.

Workflow with requested, in review, approved, purchased, and rejected statuses.

Check out How do I build the workflow I want? to find out more about updating workflows.

Track all your equipment

Create an issue for each purchase request, or for each item/service being purchased (if they are large). Your board will always give you a clear view of where something is in the purchasing process, and let you see what's coming up.

Manage your purchase paperwork

Attach quotes, diagrams, photos, and other relevant documents to each issue.

The attachments panel of an issue showing a quote, image, and report for a computer purchase.

Purchase tracking

Some other suggestions for tracking purchases:

  • Use labels on each issue to track the location of large items that are tracked as assets. Labels can help you filter issues later.

  • Set due dates to review service agreements and claim upgrades.

  • Use components to track by department, so you can see where the main volume of requests is coming from.


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