Share your form

Only Jira and project admins (or users with project admin permissions) can share forms.

Give people a quick way to send requests as work items by sharing your form with anyone who has a Jira license. Learn more about who can submit a form

All submitted forms are converted to work items for your business project.

To share your form:

  1. Select Forms from the project view navigation.

  2. Select which form you’d like to share.

  3. Select Share at the top-right of the form.

  4. Add the email addresses of the people you'd like to share your form with and select Send which sends them a link to your form.

  5. Alternatively, select Copy link and paste the link in a chat message, email, or anywhere else you’d like to share it.

Learn more about who can view your form

People who submit information via the form to your business project must:

  • Have access to the project and permission to create an issue if it is a limited access form

  • Have a Jira license if it is an open access form


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