Share your form

Only Jira and project admins (or users with project admin permissions) can share forms.

Give people a quick way to send requests as work items by sharing your form with anyone who has a Jira license.

All submitted forms are converted to work items for your business project.

To share your form:

  1. Select Forms from the project view navigation.

  2. Select which form you’d like to share.

  3. Select Share at the top-right of the form.

  4. Add the email addresses of the people you'd like to share your form with and select Send which sends them a link to your form.

  5. Alternatively, select Copy link and paste the link in a chat message, email, or anywhere else you’d like to share it.

Sharing a Jira Work Management Form to help the marketing team receive work.

People who submit information via the form to your business project must:

  • Have access to the project and permission to create an issue if it is a limited access form

  • Have a Jira license if it is an open access form


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