Team-managed projects in Jira Work Management

We’re trialing team-managed projects in Jira Work Management. Some users may see the option to create a team-managed project.

Share your form

Anyone with access to the business project can share the form.

You can share your form with people within your organization who have access to the project and the create issue permission, to give them a quick way to create an issue for the project. All submitted forms are converted to issues and added to your project.

To share your form:

  1. Select Forms from the left navigation.

  2. Select Share at the top-right of the form.

  3. Add the email addresses of the people you'd like to share your form with and select Send which sends them a link to your form.

  4. Alternatively, select Copy link and paste the link in a chat message, email, or anywhere else you’d like to share it.

alt="Sharing a form."

Learn more about who can view your form.

Additional Help