Use Jira Work Management for sales teams

Jira Work Management comes packed with useful templates for a wide range of work tracking, and lets you update them to suit your needs. The lead tracking project template helps your Sales team track leads through to closing.

Workflow with opportunity, contacted, in negotiation, lost, and won statuses.

Keep track of opportunities

Create an issue for each opportunity you're chasing, then track the progress of each one on the board. Get a quick overview of who's been contacted, who's in negotiations, and which opportunities have been won and lost.

Board with issues for sales opportunities in various stages of the sales process.

Add due dates and use priority

Use the Due date field to let your team know when they should follow up on a lead you've already contacted. You can also create new priorities to communicate how hot or cold a lead is.

Jira issue for a sales opportunity with a national pet supplies company. The opportunity is in the contacted status.

Make it work for you

Not all sales processes are the same. Here are some common ways to make it fit your process:

  • Customize the issue workflow to suit your sales process. For example, you may want to have a status of "Chasing," for those opportunities that are a little more elusive.

  • Create custom fields to capture specific contacts for each opportunity, like the decision maker, or technical contact.

  • Modify the board to create the view you want of your sales pipeline.


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