Smart Links in Jira Work Management

Smart Links are a richer way to hyperlink your team’s work in other Atlassian products such as a Confluence page or anywhere else you use the Atlassian Editor. When you paste a business project’s board, list, timeline, form, or calendar link into another Atlassian product, a Smart Link will display up-to-date information.

There is the option of displaying a Jira Work Management form, board, list, timeline, or calendar view as a URL, embed, inline, or card. Simply paste the business project’s view link into the editor (e.g. Confluence pages, Jira tickets) and it will create a Smart Link.

Smart Links will appear when you paste your business project’s view into supported Atlassian products.

These are Smart Links that are rendered inline, and surface the least amount of context. Instead of a URL, it will render as an inline Smart Link with your project name.

Card Smart Links provides slightly more context by surfacing descriptions, the business project name, and that it’s from Jira Work Management.

Embedded Smart Links allow you and your team to view your project’s board, list, timeline, or calendar view in other Atlassian products without them having to leave the page.

Users with access to the business project can view the Embed Smart Link of the board, list, timeline, or calendar.

  • You can adjust the board, list, timeline, or calendar using the filter. When the page with the embedded link is reloaded, the view will reset to today's date and all filters will reset to those that were applied when the URL was originally pasted into the editor.

  • You can create inline items as an embedded Smart Link in the board, list, and timeline view unless there is a required field.

  • In the timeline, you can add and edit the start and due dates by clicking the bar in the row of the issue you’d like to include a date for. You can then adjust the dates by drag the bar to the start and due date.

  • You can manage the dependencies of the items. Learn more about managing dependencies.

If you want to create or delete any items in the calendar Smart Link, a new tab will open where you can complete this within the business project.

To copy your Timeline as a Smart Link, you can:

  1. Go to your business project’s Timeline

  2. Select the Share button at the top-right of your Timeline

  3. Select the Copy link button and it will copy the URL to your clipboard

  4. Navigate to the location with the editor you’d like to insert the Timeline

  5. Paste the link.

Alternatively, you can copy the URL from the browser.

When you’ve pasted the link to the desired location, Inline Smart Links are the default display. If you’d like to change the display, you can:

  1. Select the Smart Link you’d like to change the display for

  2. Choose which display you’d like for the Timeline Smart Link.

alt="Changing the Smart Link display."

Additional Help