Collaborate in real-time

Collaborative mode is Jira Work Management’s very own multiplayer experience. If your team is working remotely, you’ll be able to see updates made in context and in real-time. You’ll be able to see who’s online and offline at the same time as you while you’re in the board, list, calendar, and timeline views.

alt="Changing between the board and list view seeing who's online."

In the board view, you’ll be able to see who’s editing which card. The card on the board will be highlighted by who is editing or dragging the card to a different column.

alt="Seeing other teammates drag their cards into another column in the board in real time."

You’ll also be able to see when someone is editing each cell in the list view. The cell will display an outline with your teammate’s name.

alt="Seeing other teammates edit cells in the list view in real time."

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