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Get a summary of your project

Access a high-level overview of your project's performance. You’ll get a snapshot summary of your project’s status overview, priorities, workload distribution across team members, and other projects you frequently work on. Continue reading to discover what each section means in your project’s summary.

Overview cards

These smaller four sections provide an overview of recent activity within the project by displaying the number of work items that have been completed, updated, and created in the last seven days, as well as the number of items due in the next seven days.

alt="See a summary of the summary page with 4 key cards of what's done, updated, created, and due this week."

Status overview

Here’s where you can view your project’s overall progress on work items based on the statuses in your workflow. Only items that have been completed in the last two weeks will appear in Done. Learn more about transitioning your items through a workflow.

To see your team’s progress in more detail in the board view, you’ll only be able to view your teams work items and not subtasks. Currently, the board view does not show subtasks in it’s columns. You can navigate to the list or timeline view to see your item’s subtasks. Learn more about creating subtasks.

If you don’t have any work items for your business project, you’ll need to create some to get the most value out of this graph.

alt="A pie chart of a project's overall progress based on the statuses in the workflow of a business project."

Priority breakdown

Here’s where you can get a holistic view of how work is prioritized within your business project. It’s helpful to prioritize work to make sure that your team is focusing on the most important work first. You’ll only be able to view priorities for your project’s if you select a priority for each work item. Learn more about defining issue priorities.

To view all work items by priority, you can group your items by priority in the list view. Learn more about how to group your items by priority.

alt="A bar chart breaking items down by priority within a business project."

Team workload

Here’s where you can view your team's current workload at a glance. Assign work to the right person in your project team to have visibility over what each team member is currently working on. Make sure work is equally and correctly distributed across your team to ensure your project is properly resourced.

If you have no work assigned, you can assign items to the correct team member by editing the assignee field in the list view. Learn more about editing items in the list view.

If you don’t have anyone in your business project yet, invite your teammates to you join you. Easily select the invite icon at the top of your navigation to add people to your project.

alt="Bar graph of work distribution across team members."

Other projects

Easily flick between other business, software or service projects in Jira that you’ve worked on over the last 30 days.

alt="A collection of other projects."

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