Temporarily click through to the old issue view

We're currently transitioning all users on the old issue view in Jira Cloud products (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management) to the new issue view. You can’t set the old view as your default view anymore, but for a limited time, you’re still able to temporarily click through to the old view. Once everyone is on the new issue view, we'll be able to ship improvements and fix bugs faster, so get ready for the exciting journey ahead!

Learn more about the new issue view

You can temporarily click through to the old issue view on issues in company-managed projects for now. This can be if you need to complete a task not supported in the new view yet.

  1. Open an issue. If you’re not viewing the full-page version of the issue, click the issue key to open it in full page.

  2. Choose ··· > See the old view.

The old issue view will open for you to complete your tasks. Next time you view an issue, you’ll see the new issue view again.

Additional Help