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Use workflow validators for company-managed projects


The following are the validators you can add to your issues' workflows out of the box. Learn more about using validators with custom fields.

Default workflow validators

Date Compare Validator

Compare two dates during a workflow transition.

Date Window Validator

Compares two date fields, by adding a time span in days to one of them.

Field Required Validator

Field must not be empty during the transition.

Field has been modified Validator

Field value must be changed during the transition.

Field has single value Validator

Multi-select Field has not more than one value during transition.

Parent Status Validator

Validates that the parent issue is in required state.

Permission Validator

Validates that the user has a permission.

Previous State Validator

Validates that the issue has previously transitioned through a specific state.

Regular Expression Check

Validate field contents against a regular expression during a workflow transition.

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