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Create release notes

If you organize your projects with versions, you can generate release notes for all the issues within a version, categorized by issue type. This allows you to quickly copy all the changes associated with your release so you can create a release notes document.

Release notes editor page in Jira

To create release notes for a version in your project:

  1. Go to your project and click Project settings

  2. Select Versions in the project sidebar. If you're using Jira Software, select Releases.

  3. Select the Version you want to generate release notes for.

  4. Click Release Notes.

  5. Select the layout and the issue types you want to include.

  6. Click Regenerate notes to create or reset the release notes. Jira will create a list of issues from your version, showing the key for each issue with a link and summary. This release list is grouped by issue type, e.g. Story, Bug, or Epic.

  7. Click Copy to clipboard to copy the release notes and paste them in a text file or your team’s Confluence space.

Release notes are auto-generated

Each time you visit the release notes page, we automatically generate your release notes based on the current state of your version.


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