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Add, edit, and delete an issue type scheme

As a Jira administrator, you can create and use issue type schemes to associate a set of issue types with a project. Your project administrators can then choose which issue type scheme makes the most sense for the work being done in each of their projects. 

Add a new issue type scheme

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. Click Issue type schemes.

  3. Click Add issue type scheme.

  4. Enter a name and description that defines the types of issues you'll be adding to this scheme. 

  5. Select the issue types you want to add to this scheme from the available list, or click Add issue type to create a new one. 

  6. Drag and drop the issue types for this scheme to change the order in which they appear when creating an issue.

  7. Choose a default issue type that will appear first when creating a new issue.

  8. Click Save

Tip: You can also create a new scheme by copying an existing one and modifying the name, description, and selected issue types. 

Edit an issue type scheme

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. From the left column, select Issue type schemes.

  3. Find the relevant issue type scheme and click Edit.

  4. Edit the name, description, default issue type, and selected issue types.

    1. To add an issue type to the scheme, drag it from Available Issue Types to Issue Types for Current Scheme. The order in which they’re listed in this box represents the hierarchical structure within Jira Software. For example, if you add the issue type bug below story, Jira will consider story to be its parent issue type.

  5. When you’re done, select Save.

Delete an issue type scheme

Before deleting an issue type scheme, we recommend making sure all projects are associated with another scheme. The issue type migration wizard will also help you catch any existing issue types that need to be migrated when deleting a scheme. 

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. In the Issue types section, click Issue type schemes.

  3. Find the scheme you want to delete and click Delete.

Use the issue type migration wizard

The migration wizard helps you migrate issues to an existing issue type when you are editing or deleting an issue type scheme. You will be automatically prompted to use the wizard whenever you're removing an existing issue type when editing or deleting an issue type scheme.

  1. Within the wizard, choose a new issue type. 

  2. Set new statuses and field values. 

  3. Repeat for each of the issue types that need to be migrated. 

  4. Review the summary of your changes and click Confirm


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