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What is the Free Jira Cloud plan?

Permissions, roles, and issue-level security

Project permissions, roles, and issue-level security aren't customizable in Jira Work Management and Software Free. If your site has always been on a Free plan, everyone with access to Jira Software is an admin for all Jira Software projects, and the same goes for Jira Work Management. If you change to a Free plan or migrate from Jira Server to a Free plan, project permissions are kept in their current state but anonymous access (if you had granted it) is removed. You'll need to upgrade again to change permissions. Read more about Project permissions, roles, and issue-level security in Free plans.

Issue-level security isn't customizable for Jira Service Management Free. To set the security level of individual issues in Jira Service Management, upgrade to the Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan.

Audit logs

If all of your Jira Cloud products are on the Free plan, you won't have access to audit logs to track events like changes to global permissions on your site. Once you upgrade any product to Standard or above, you'll be able to use audit logs for your Jira Cloud site.

Email notifications

Jira can send a maximum of 100 emails per day on the Free plan, then email notifications will be paused until the following day. You can upgrade your plan to allow for more email notifications. If you're trialing Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan, and need to increase your daily email limit, contact our support team.

Updating site URLs (site renaming)

If all of your Jira Cloud products are on the Free plan, you can't update your site's URL after your site is created. Paid plans are able to request an updated URL from Atlassian Support.


Some apps might have reduced functionality in Jira Software Free and Jira Work Management Free. This is usually because they utilize features like permissions that can't be changed in Free.

Apps that aren't compatible or have reduced functionality in Free plans:

Apps with reduced functionality in Free plans

Apps that aren't compatible with Free plans

Inactive Free products will be deactivated

If all the Jira Cloud products on your site are on a Free plan, your Jira Cloud products will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity. If any Jira Cloud product on your site is on a paid plan, this doesn’t apply to that site.

Activity is simply logging in and viewing any page within a Jira product on your site. For example, if you log in and view a dashboard, report, Jira admin screen, or issue, any of those would count as activity. To keep your site active, log in and view something to restart the 120 days.

If you’re a site admin, we’ll send you emails to let you know if your site is at risk of being deactivated due to inactivity so you can log in and take action to prevent deactivation.

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