You can use workflow properties to implement restrictions on certain steps or transitions of a workflow.

Not everything on this page is recommended

We don't recommend using all of these types of workflow properties as we can't guarantee that some data and operations (like bulk operations) won't break. Use these types of workflow properties at your own risk.

For details on how to implement workflow properties (step and transition properties) in your workflow, please refer to Working with workflows.

Available Jira workflow properties

There are a few workflow properties which you can use in a transition or step of a workflow. Take a look at the Workflows section of the Jira Cloud REST API documentation for more.


Accepted values: Resolution ID. Add comma-separated resolution IDs to the transition properties where you want to not show certain resolutions.


Accepted values: Resolution IDs. Add comma-separated resolution IDs to the transition properties where you do want to show certain resolutions.

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Accepted values: i18n property key. Transition (usage: action submit button name).

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Accepted values: i18n property key. Transition (usage: action name, etc.).

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Accepted values: true, false. Step. See Working with workflows.


Accepted values: user, group and roles. Step (usage: only to restrict permission to either roles, group, or users when issue is in that step).


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Accepted value: deniedTo prevent users from logging work when the issue transitions to a specific status and disallow users from editing or deleting work log in activity tab. See How to restrict Log Work on a specific status.


Accepted values: Integer value greater than or equal to 0. Transitions on the 'View Issue' screen. See Advanced workflow configuration (Customizing transitions).

There is an open bug related to this property: JSWCLOUD-13864 - Getting issue details... STATUS . The property might not work until it's fixed.