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Optimize your number of project role memberships

This functionality is only available to customers using Enterprise editions of Jira Software.

The project role permission clean up tool in the Site optimizer helps administrators improve the performance of their sites by removing project role permissions that are no longer in use.

If you’re looking to manage a large number of project role permissions that are still in regular use, we recommend either of the following options:

The processes described in this section are only possible with Jira administrator permissions.

To clean up project role permissions using the Site optimizer, select System from your global settings, Site optimizer, then Project role permissions from the sidebar menu.

On this page, you’ll see an interactive graph that shows you:

  • the total number of project role permissions in your site

  • our recommended ideal number based on performance data

    • This recommendation is not a hard limit, and can be exceeded. However, we feel this number reflects where your site will begin to experience degraded performance.

  • your usage compared to this recommended number and

  • the last time anyone cleaned your site using this tool

Based on these numbers, you can make large-scale changes to the project role permissions in your site, such as deleting them.

Delete unused project role permissions in bulk

  1. Under the header Clean up project role permissions, you’ll see all the unused project role permissions in your site.

  2. Select the ones you want to delete, then select Delete. In the modal that pops up, confirm your choice.

View past changes using the activity log

You can view past actions taken through the Site optimizer by selecting Activity log at the top of the page. Here, you’ll see information about:

  • what actions have been taken on your site using the Site optimizer

  • who made those changes

  • the type of changes and

  • the amount of records removed or deleted with each change

You’ll also be able to either restore past changes or download the record as a CSV file using the menu on the corresponding line.

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