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Integrate GitHub Advanced Security with Jira

These instructions are for connecting GitHub Cloud or GitHub Enterprise Cloud to Jira Software. Show me how to connect GitHub Enterprise Server

The security feature in Jira allows you to view, triage, and track security vulnerabilities from GitHub Advanced Security. To get this feature working, you’ll need to:

  1. Install the GitHub for Jira app.

  2. Connect a GitHub organization.

  3. Add GitHub Advanced Security to your Jira project.

  4. Connect security containers to your project.

Before you begin

To install and set up the GitHub for Jira app, you need:

  • Site administrator permission for your Jira site.

  • Organization owner permission for your GitHub organization.

For some organizations, the task of integrating GitHub Advanced Security might involve multiple team members:

  • A Jira site admin will install the GitHub for Jira app.

  • A GitHub organization owner will connect a GitHub organization to your Jira site.

  • A Jira project admin will add GitHub Advanced Security to a project and connect security containers.

Install the GitHub for Jira app

  1. In Jira Software, select Apps, then select Explore more apps.

  2. Search for GitHub for Jira, then select it from the results.

  3. Select Get app, then Get it now.

Connect a GitHub organization

  1. After the app is installed, select Get started. If the app is already installed on your Jira site, you can find this section by selecting Apps, then Manage your apps, and then GitHub for Jira.

  2. Select Continue.

  3. Select GitHub Cloud, then Next.

  4. Enter your GitHub username and password, then Sign in.

  5. Find the organization you want to connect to Jira, then select Connect.

To check your permissions for a GitHub organization, open your GitHub organization settings and look for your permission level next to the organization name. Organization owners can review and accept permission requests from Jira in your organization settings. More about required permissions for GitHub for Jira

Add GitHub Advanced Security to your Jira project

To track security vulnerabilities from GitHub in your Jira project, you’ll need to add GitHub Advanced Security to your project. If you want to track vulnerabilities in more than one Jira project, add GitHub Advanced Security to each one.

  1. In your Jira project, select Project settings, then select Toolchain.

  2. Select the Add button, then Add tool.

  3. Find GitHub Advanced Security, then select Add to project.

Connect security containers to your project

Before you can view vulnerabilities in the security feature, you must add at least one security container to your project.

  1. From your project's sidebar, select Security.

  2. Select Edit security containers.

  3. Select the add connection button (+) for GitHub Advanced Security.

  4. Choose a container from the list, then select Add.

The security feature will now show the most recent vulnerabilities from your connected security containers in GitHub. Here’s how to link security vulnerabilities to Jira issues so you can triage and track them with your team.

Additional Help