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Set up Jira products

It's easy to get up and running with any Jira product in the cloud. Simply select the Jira product you'd like to try and sign up for a free Atlassian Cloud site. Remember, you can select more than one product at a time. Why not try them all?

Sign up for a new Atlassian Cloud site

  1. Head to the Atlassian Cloud sign-up page.

  2. Select the Jira products (and any other cloud products) you'd like to try.

  3. Complete the quick and easy signup form (all you need is a valid email address).

  4. Get started with your new site!

Add Atlassian products to an existing site

  1. Go to your atlassian.net cloud site. 

  2. Choose  > Edit (under the SWITCH TO heading).

  3. From the sidebar, click Discover new products

Once you're up and running, we suggest you have a look at the getting started guides for the products you've selected:


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