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Integrate your Google account with Atlassian

Integrating your Google account with Atlassian products not only simplifies your login process but also allows seamless collaboration and sharing through Smart Links and Jira projects.

You only need to integrate once. If you integrate your Google account with Jira, the integration will work with other Atlassian products, like Confluence.

Authenticate your Google account

  1. Go to your Atlassian product page, such as Jira or Confluence.

  2. For example, select Log in then Log in with Google.

  3. Enter your Google credentials then select Next.

  4. Enter your password, then select Next again.

  5. If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Google account, follow the prompts for this step.

Using your authenticated Google account

Once you've integrated your Google account with Atlassian, you will automatically be authenticated for Smart Links and Jira projects. This means you can easily link Google Drive files in Jira or Confluence, and access Jira projects using the same Google credentials.

When you paste links to Google Drive files into Jira issues or Confluence pages, and they automatically turn into Smart Links.

Read more on how you can use Smart Links to collaborate across products

Request access to a Google file

If you don’t have access to the Google file Smart Link:

  1. Select the Smart Link then select Request access.

  2. Enter the reason you need access and select Send.

  3. The owner of the file will receive your request and can grant you access.

Invite other Google account users

  1. From Jira or Confluence, select Teams then select Invite people to …

    • You can also find this under User management or Settings.

  2. Select Add people and enter the Google email addresses for anyone you’d like to invite.

  3. Add a message (optional) then select Send.

  4. Once they accept the invitation, these users will be able to use their Google credentials to log in to Atlassian products.

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