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Monitor a user's activity

You can view login details of users to check if certain users are still active in Jira. This can be helpful if you want to free up product access for new users or if you want to prevent unintended access from users who no longer work on your Jira site.

You must be a site administrator to see the activity of your Jira users. Learn more about site administration.

To view activity details:

  1. Open the Jira site you want to manage, and then select > User management. If you administer multiple sites, you can alternatively go to admin.atlassian.com and choose the appropriate site.

  2. Find the user whose activity you want to check in the table. You can search for their name or filter by product access or role.

The Last activity column lists the last time the user logged in. If you see Invitation pending in the status column, the user has never logged in. If you want to view additional access details for a user, click Show details.

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