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Configure announcement banners

An announcement banner provides a way for admins to quickly communicate important information to everyone in Jira.

You need to be a Jira admin to create and modify announcement banners.

The message gets pinned to the top of the Jira instance — a prominent place to announce things like:

  • Time-sensitive alerts

  • Software updates

  • Planned maintenance

When creating a banner, Jira admins can modify the message, change the background color, update visibility (internal licensed users or external audiences. Additionally, you can decide if viewers can dismiss it.

Go to Settings () > System > Announcement banner to configure the banner.

Create an announcement banner

Configuration options

  • Background color: You can use colors to communicate different message tones. For example:

    • Gray – General (default)

    • Blue – Informational

    • Purple – Note

    • Green – Success

    • Yellow – Warning

    • Red – Emergency

  • Toggle: This controls whether viewers can close the banner or not. The toggle is OFF by default. The banner will be static by default unless you choose to make it dismissible by selecting ON.

  • Target audience:

    • Public: This allows anyone who can view Jira to see the banner — guest users, anonymous access, etc. — in addition to internal licensed users.

    • Private (default): This limits banner visibility to internal licensed users only.

Banners are designed to start as soon as they’re published, and they can run indefinitely until replaced.

To create a new banner:

  1. Select Settings() > System > Announcement banner

  2. Enter a banner message

  3. Configure the required display settings which include:

    1. Message (up to 650 characters, including emojis)

    2. Background color

    3. User toggle on/off (to dismiss the banner)

    4. Target audience (public or private)

  4. Select Publish now

You can use hyperlinks in the message, but we don’t support HTML or CSS-styled code blocks.

Additional Help