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Import data from Bitbucket

Before you begin

  • Users data is not exported to Jira.  However if the user already exists in Jira (and has a licence for Jira) they will remain assigned to the issue when it is imported.

  • The Jira project which issues will be imported in to is generated automatically and can found by inspecting the db-jira-cloud.json in the exported zip file.

  • Issue history is not imported into Jira

  • Attachments on the issue or on comments will only be exported if the repository and issue tracker are both public


  1. In Bitbucket, go to Projects and choose a project.

  2. Choose a repository >  Repository settings > and choose Import and export under Issues.

  3. Click Start export. This generates a zip file containing all your Jira issues data.

  4. Extract the zip file and retrieve the db-jira-cloud.json file

  5. Once you've completed the above, head over to Importing data from JSON and follow the procedure outlined there.


Additional Help