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What is the new workflow editor?

The new workflow editor is available to all team-managed projects but is currently in its Early Access Program (EAP) for company-managed projects. If you haven’t signed up for the EAP, you’ll only see the old workflow editor in company-managed projects.

What’s changed?

The new workflow editor has all its actions (like adding statuses and transitions) and integration points (like approvals) in one place. You won’t have to navigate around Jira in multiple tabs just to make some simple changes. You can make all your edits from this editor.

Annoted screenshot of the new workflow editor
  1. Toolbar: Add statuses, transitions, and rules to create your workflow.

  2. Update or discard: Publish your changes instantly. If you’re not happy with your changes, you can always throw them away and return to your original workflow.

  3. Sidebar: Select a status or transition from the diagram and edit its name, rules, properties, and more.

  4. Diagram: Drag to move statuses and create transitions. Select a status or transition to see its details in the sidebar.

  5. Name and projects: See which projects use this workflow before publishing.

Key features

Edit in one place; update instantly

No more opening multiple tabs and scouring through Jira settings. Whether you’re adding or deleting something in your workflow, everything happens in the space of the workflow editor.

When you’re ready to publish your changes, there’s no more need to create a copy of a workflow and reassign it to the workflow scheme. Just select Update workflow, and that’s it.

An easy way to delete statuses

When you delete a status and update your workflow, you’ll immediately be taken through steps to move issues in that deleted status.

Add rules to transitions

We grouped rules to make it easier (clearer terminology) and more efficient (ability to add certain old rules simultaneously) to set rules up.

The new workflow editor’s rules are categorized like this:

  • Conditions → Restrict transition

  • Validators → Validate details

  • Post-functions → Perform actions

Use these rules to limit when your team can use a transition, or to automatically perform an action when they do.

Tip: Group restrict transition rules

Add and group multiple rules of the Restrict transition type to further restrict your transitions. Learn more about grouping workflow rules.

See which projects use your workflow

Before publishing your workflow, make sure you’re impacting the right projects. There’s no more need to go back to Jira settings to find this information. You can do it right from the workflow editor itself.




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