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Integrate FishEye with Jira

By integrating Fisheye with Jira applications, you can do the following right inside your Jira applications:

  • monitor, search, and analyze code changes

  • conduct collaborative source code reviews

To connect a Fisheye Data Centre instance with a Jira application you need to create an application link between them.

Development panel in Jira issues

The development panel is shown in the View Issue screen in Jira applications. For example, if Jira is integrated with Fisheye, you can view code changes right inside the corresponding issues. If Jira Software is also integrated with Crucible, you can conduct source code reviews within your team as well.

See Viewing the development information for an issue for more information.

Release Hub

The Release Hub in Jira shows the progress of a version, so you can determine which issues are likely to ship at a glance. The commits, builds, and deployments related to each issue are shown, helping you to spot potential development issues that could cause problems for a release.

If Jira is integrated with Fisheye, you can view code changes and conduct source code reviews by clicking the corresponding links in the Development column.

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