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What is the security feature?

The security feature helps your team view and manage security vulnerabilities by connecting a third-party security tool like Snyk or Github for Security to your software project.

This is different from the issue-level security settings in Jira that dictate who can view sensitive issues in your site. Find out how to limit who can view your issues.

Enable the security feature

You need project administrator permissions to enable the security feature.

  1. From your project's sidebar, go to Project settings > Features.

  2. Toggle the Security feature on.

Once the feature has been enabled, a Jira administrator must do the following things before you can view security vulnerabilities in Jira:

The security feature in Jira, showing connected security containers and security vulnerabilities

The security feature will show a list of vulnerabilities from your connected security tools. From this list, you can prioritize your security vulnerabilities, create issues to address them, and assign them to your team to resolve. Find out how to link security vulnerabilities to Jira issues.

This helps improve your team’s security focus while maintaining your regular workload balance and rituals. It also reduces switching back and forth between Jira and your security tool, because you don’t have to copy vulnerability details into your issues manually.


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