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What is the security feature?

The security feature helps your team identify, prioritise and triage security vulnerabilities in Jira Software. You can view the security containers linked to your project, and recent vulnerabilities identified by your security tool.

Once you connect your security tool, you can triage vulnerabilities in Jira Software. Assess each vulnerability (based on factors like severity or how complex the fix is), link it to an issue, add the issue to your sprint or backlog, and track it until it’s resolved.

For example, you might sort your vulnerabilities by severity and use the issue status filter to hide any that already have issues attached. Now you have a prioritised list of vulnerabilities to assess, create issues for, and assign to your team to resolve.

This helps improve your team’s focus on security, while still maintaining your regular workload balance and rituals. Plus, it reduces switching back-and-forth between Jira Software and your security tool, and means you don’t have to manually copy vulnerability details into your issues.

Learn about managing security containers

Learn about managing vulnerabilities

Enable the security feature

You need project administrator permissions to enable the security feature.

  1. From your project's sidebar, go to Project settings > Features.

  2. Toggle the Security feature on.

You need to integrate a security tool with Jira Software to view security containers and vulnerabilities in the security feature. Learn how to integrate a security tool with Jira


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