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Edit a custom field’s options

You can specify option values for the following custom fields types:

  • Select lists

  • Multi-select lists

  • Cascading select lists

  • Radio buttons

  • Multi checkboxes

To edit option values for the above custom field types, follow these steps: 

  1. Select > Issues.

  2. Under FIELDS, click Custom fields.

  3. Find the custom field you want to configure and click  > Contexts and default value Edit Options. Here you can:

    • Select the Edit parent select list drop-down to choose which cascading select list to edit. 

    • Click Sort alphabetically to automatically reorder the options alphabetically.

    • Click the arrows in the Order column, or specify a number and click the Move button, to reorder the options manually.

    • Click Edit to change the text of an option.

    • Click Disable to hide an option so that it is no longer available for selection. You cannot remove options that have already been used (to preserve data), but you can make them unavailable for new issues.

    • Click Delete to remove an option that has not been used.

To add a new custom field, type a custom field name in the Add Value field, and click Add

Note that these options are case insensitive, so when using a select or multi-select list for a notification scheme, JIRA-ADMINISTRATORS will match the jira-administrators group. This means you cannot have both a JIRA-ADMINSITRATORS and a jira-administrators option, as they have the same name.

You can use contexts to show or hide specific options in select fields depending on the context that the field appears in using field configurations. Learn more about field configurations.

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