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Integrate Figma with Jira

Use the free Figma for Jira app to embed Figma designs into your Jira issues, and give your team greater visibility of design work.

To install and set up the Figma for Jira app, you need:

  • Jira site administrator permissions

  • Figma team admin permissions

Install the Figma for Jira app

Install the Figma for Jira app from the Atlassian Marketplace to connect Figma to your software project.

  1. From the top navigation, go to Apps > Explore more apps.

  2. Search for the Figma for Jira, then select it from the list.

  3. Select Get app, then Get it now.

Set up Figma for Jira

To get the most out of the Figma for Jira app and receive live design updates on your Jira issues, you need to set up the Figma for Jira app. To do this, you will need admin permissions.

Some parts of design JQL search and design automations will only work if the app is set up for all of your team's Figma spaces.

  1. If you have just installed the app, select Configure. Otherwise, from the top navigation, go to Apps > Manage your apps > Figma for Jira > Configure.

  2. Select Continue.

  3. Log into your Figma account, or sign up to a new Figma account.

  4. Enter your Figma team URL and select Connect.

If your team is already using Figma, you can start linking Figma designs to Jira issues without setting up the app.

  1. From issue view, select Add design and paste your Figma URL into the URL field and click Link

  2. If prompted, authorise access by selecting Allow access.

Your team can now use the design feature to link Figma files in Jira, and view live design updates directly in your issues.

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