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GitHub Enterprise Server integration FAQ

This page is for GitHub Enterprise Server customers using the GitHub for Jira app. For help getting started, go to Integrate Jira with GitHub Enterprise Server

Setting up GitHub for Jira

Why can’t I connect my GitHub Enterprise Server?

Common reasons for GitHub Enterprise Server connection issues include:

  • Atlassian IP addresses need to be allowed. View the GitHub IP allowlist configuration or raise an issue here.

  • SAML SSO is not supported by GitHub Enterprise Server (however, Github Enterprise Cloud does support SAML SSO).

  • GitHub for Jira does not support reverse proxies.

  • Self-signed certificate (SSL) problems.

Why is my data backfill is taking so long?

If your GitHub organization has a small amount of data, this process only a few minutes. However, if it has a large amount of data, it will take longer. Additionally, GitHub has an hourly API limit, which can impact performance.

You don’t need wait for the backfill to complete to start using GitHUb for Jira. You can start using issue keys for new branches, commits, and pull requests right away, and this new data will be visible in Jira immediately.

To speed up the process, restart the backfill from the GitHub configuration screen and specify a more recent date range, such as the past month. This can help reduce the amount of data being synced and improve performance.

How do I update my private key and GitHub client secret in the GitHub for Jira app?

  1. Go to the GitHub configuration page in Jira.

  2. Find the GitHub app you want to update, click the ⋯ icon, and select Edit.

  3. Edit the GitHub client secret and/or private key, and click Update to save your changes.

Creating a GitHub app

Can I connect multiple GitHub Server and apps?

Yes. You can connect multiple GitHub Server to a single Jira account. You can also add multiple GitHub apps per Server to connect any GitHub organization to Jira. Learn more about rate limits for GitHub Apps.

Can I create one master GitHub app for multiple Jira sites?

No. Each GitHub app can only be connected to one Jira instance to maintain security and prevent data leaks.

Why do I need GitHub Enterprise Server version 3.1 to create an app automatically?

  • Automatic app creation relies on support for callback_url, which was added version 3.1.

  • The GitHub for Jira app subscribes to three events that rely on GitHub Actions, which are available in version 3.0 or higher.

  • GitHub regularly releases new versions and discontinues support for older versions. Upgrading to version 3.1 or higher will help you stay up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, improvements, and security updates.

To upgrade your Server, follow the instructions in GitHub’s support documentation: Upgrade GitHub Enterprise Server.

Using GitHub for Jira

Why can’t I see data for workflow run, deployment status, or code scanning events?

You may need to enable GitHub Actions in GitHub Enterprise Server. To enable GitHub Actions, follow the instructions in GitHub’s support documentation: Get started with GitHub Actions for GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2.

Why aren’t my Smart Commits working?

Smart Commits make it easier for you and your team to comment on issues, transition issues, and add time tracking.

To use Smart Commits, ensure the following:

  1. Your GitHub account email address must match your Jira account email address.

  2. Your email addresses are open. To update this setting in GitHub, go to Settings > Emails and uncheck Keep my email addresses private.

  3. Use the correct naming when transitioning issues. For example, if the status to which you want to move an issue is called "Done", you should include #done in your commit message.

  4. Follow the precise workflow set up by your team's admin and don't try to jump columns.

  5. Enable time tracking and add it to each issue type, ensuring that Copying of comments to work description is enabled in your site settings and Time Tracking is added to each relevant issue type (story/bug/task).

How can I view authors, reviewers, and icons in Jira issues?

To see author, reviewer names, and icons in the development panel of your Jira issue, ensure the email address in your GitHub account matches the email address in your Jira account. Update your email address in either platform, and the information should start appearing. This is similar to smart commits, which also require matching emails.

App details

How does GitHub for Jira fetch data?

The GitHub for Jira app requires access to your GitHub Enterprise Server to fetch development data and send it to Jira. For this to work, your network configuration must allow calls to your GitHub Enterprise Server from Atlassian’s list of IP addresses and allow calls from your GitHub Enterprise Server to reach Atlassian Server with the github.atlassian.com domain via HTTPS.

Miscellaneous questions

Does the GitHub for Jira app support GitLab?

No, use the GitLab for Jira app to integrate Jira with GitLab.

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