You can create a new custom field context if you need to associate different default values and options with different projects or issue types.

You can only specify one custom field context for each project.

Creating a new context for a custom field where values have already been set on issues can cause data loss. See this knowledge base article for a guide on doing this safely.

See also:

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To add a new context: 

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under FIELDS, click Custom fields.
  3. Find the custom field you want to configure and click  > Contexts and default value > Add new context. Alternatively, you can click a field's screens or contexts link and then click Contexts > Create, edit or delete contexts.
  4. Enter a label and description for your new context. These are used for your reference in the administration section only and will not be shown to your end-users.
  5. In the applicable issue types section, select the issue types that you want this custom field to appear in. 
  6. In the applicable contexts section, select a global context or choose specific projects that you want this custom field to appear in. Note that the custom field will only appear on issues types you previously selected.  
  7. Click Add.