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Set up your deployment integration

To send deployment information to your Jira project, you must complete the following:

Enable the deployments feature in Jira

You must be a project admin to enable and disable features on a project. You must also have the permission View development tools to enable the deployments feature.

To enable or disable the deployments feature:

  1. Log in to Jira and select Project settings in your project menu.

  2. Select Features.

  3. Use the Deployments toggle to turn the feature on or off.

Configure a pipeline in your deployment tool

To integrate your deployments with Jira, you must set up a pipeline in your deployment tool and configure it to send deployment events to Jira.

Connect your deployment tool to your Jira site

To send deployment information to Jira, you must connect a deployment tool like Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, or any of the supported tools available on the Atlassian Marketplace. If you want to connect an on-premise tool, learn how to set up an integration using OAuth. Each tool has its own connection process, and some tools will require you to complete some configuration steps within the tool itself (not just in Jira) to finish setting up the integration.

Learn more about connecting a deployment tool:

You can also find support documentation on the Marketplace app listing for the tool you’re trying to connect. For example:

Your team can start linking deployment activity to Jira by including issue keys in branch names, commit messages, and pull requests.

  1. Find the issue key for the Jira issue you want to link to, for example “JRA-123”.

  2. Checkout a new branch in your repo, using the issue key in the branch name. For example, git checkout -b JRA-123-<branch-name>.

  3. When committing changes to your branch, use the issue key in your commit message. For example, git commit -m "JRA-123 <summary of commit>".

  4. When creating a pull request, include the issue key in the pull request title.

Learn more about referencing issues in your development work.

Make sure a deployment has run

Once you've connected a deployment tool and included issue keys in your development work, Jira will only show deployment information if a deployment has run on at least one linked branch, commit, or pull request. A deployment to an environment, such as production or testing, is linked if a commit associated with the deploy contains the issue key in its commit message.

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