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Import data from Trello

Before you begin

You must be a Jira administrator to import data from your Trello boards.

Things to keep in mind

When your Trello boards are imported to Jira, the project template used will differ depending on which Jira product you have access to.

The approach explained in this page only works for JSW and JWS. If you want to export a Trello board to a Jira Product Discovery project, you have to export it as CVS and import it into the discovery project.

If you DO have access to Jira Software:

If you DON'T have Jira Software:

  • Project type: The import process will create a team-managed project for each of your boards.

  • Archived cards: Any cards in Trello that have been archived will not be imported.

  • Archived lists: Archived Trello lists and their cards won't be imported.

  • Checklists: Any checklists created in Trello won't be imported.

  • Custom fields: Any custom fields created in Trello won't be imported.

  • Project type: The import process will create business projects (Jira Work Management).

  • Archived cards: Cards in Trello that have been archived will import as Done issues.

  • Archived lists: Archived Trello lists and their cards will be imported.

  • Checklists: All checklists will be imported as issue sub-tasks.

After you've moved your Trello board into a Jira project, if needed, you can change project templates or types using Jira's bulk move functionality. For example, you can import your Trello board into a team-managed project, then convert it to a company-managed project.

How to import from Trello

  1. Choose > System

  2. In the Import and Export section, click External system import.

  3. Select Trello.

We'll ask you to authorize your Trello account, to allow us to import data from Trello to Jira.

Step 1: Map your Trello boards to new Jira projects

Create a new Jira project for each Trello board you import.

  1. Select Trello boards: Select which Trello boards you want to import to Jira. 

  2. Project name: Name your new project.

  3. Project key: Enter a project key for your new project.

Step 2: Import users from Trello

Import the people on your Trello boards to your Jira site.


  1. Trello users: Each user on the Trello boards you're importing will appear here.

  2. Email address: Enter an email address for each user you're importing from Trello. If they're an existing Jira user, you should enter the email address they currently log in with. If you enter an email address that doesn't have access to your Jira site, we'll send them an invite.

That's it! Your Trello board now exists in Jira as a team-managed software project

If you want to use a company-managed project or any other project template, you can move them around using Jira's bulk issue move. Read more about how to change project templates or types.

Additional Help