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Store Jira data on your own device

Make your Jira board and backlog load faster by storing frequently accessed data locally on your own device. When enabled, this feature will apply to all users on your Jira site.

How to store data on your own device

You must be a site admin to enable this feature.

To enable or disable local data storage:

  1. Select the settings icon , then select Products.

  2. Find the section Store Jira data on your own device, then use the toggle to turn the feature on or off.

How much faster can a Jira board load when data is stored locally?

In this video, we see a Jira board loading for a project where local data storage is not enabled

A Jira board loading when local data storage is not enabled

Now here is that same Jira board loading, but this time local data storage has been enabled

A Jira board's loading time when local data storage is enabled

How your data is stored

We use a technology called IndexedDB to store data on your local device. This is a standard web-based technology used widely for many large-scale services. Read more about IndexedDB on Wikipedia

What type of data is stored locally

We might store the following types of data on your device:

  • Issue details - summary, status, and assignee.

  • View settings - filters and layout settings.

  • Board information - column configuration and swimlane details.

How your data is secured

IndexedDB data is stored in a sandboxed environment in your browser. This means the data is isolated and can’t be accessed by other websites or third-party scripts. As long as you use Jira on your own device (and avoid public computers), your data can only be accessed by you - because it’s only stored on your device.

Removing data from your device

Clearing your browser data will remove any IndexedDB data from your device. However, this won’t remove IndexedDB data for any other users in your Jira site.

To remove IndexedDB data for all the users in your Jira site, you must disable the local data storage setting in your product settings (using the instructions above). When the setting is disabled, IndexedDB data will be cleared for each user the next time they log in to Jira.

If your device becomes compromised, any data stored on it - including IndexedDB data - may be accessed. This is a risk for any data stored on any device. To make sure your stored data can only be accessed by scripts from the same domain, IndexedDB uses the same-origin policy.

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