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Connect a security tool to Jira

Follow these instructions to install and set up a security app, connect a security tool to Jira, and view security vulnerabilities in a project.

Before you can view vulnerabilities in your project, you’ll first need to:

  1. Install an app for your security tool

  2. Set up the app to work with Jira

  3. Connect security containers to your Jira project

Install an app for your security tool

Find and install the Atlassian Marketplace app for your security tool.

You’ll need project admin permissions to install an app.

  1. Make sure the security feature is enabled in your project.

  2. From your project's sidebar, select Security.

  3. Find your security tool’s app (under Add a security tool to Jira) and select Get it now.

    1. You can also select the more actions icon () in the top-right, then Add and configure tools.

  4. Review the information about your security tool’s app, then select Get it now to install it on your Jira site.

Set up the app with Jira

  1. Once the app has finished installing, select Set up app. Follow the on-screen instructions, as each app's setup process may be different.

    1. Your security tool may ask you to log in, verify credentials, allow Jira access to containers, or generate an activation key.

  2. When the app set up is complete, return to Jira to connect security containers from your security tool to your project.

Connect security containers to your project

You need project admin permissions to connect security containers.

  1. From your project's sidebar in Jira, go to Project settings, then Toolchain.

  2. Find your security tool in the list, then select the add connection button ().

  3. Find the security container in the list, then select Add container.

Once a container is added, your team can use the security feature to view vulnerabilities within that container and project, and link them to issues.



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