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Optimize issues in your site

This feature is currently rolling out to cloud customers. Your site may not reflect these changes, or you might not see it in your site just yet.

The Site optimizer tool helps administrators clean up their site, including archiving issues that are no longer relevant. Archiving these issues can improve the speed and responsiveness of your site.

The processes described in this section are only possible with the Jira Software Administrator permissions.

View issue optimizer

To view the custom fields clean-up tool, select System from your global settings, Site optimizer, then Issues from the sidebar menu.

This page shows you:

  • the total number of company-managed custom fields in your site

  • our recommended ideal number based on performance data

    • This recommendation is not a hard limit, and can be exceeded. However, we feel this number reflects where your site will begin to experience degraded performance.

  • your usage compared to this recommended number

Based on these numbers, you can archive issues to improve site performance.

Archive issues in bulk

  1. Select the issues you want to archive using JQL rules. Under Archive old issues, select a rule from the Preset filters button or use the text box next to it to write a custom JQL query. Once you’ve chosen a query, use the to run your query.

  2. Once you’ve run the query, select the projects from which you’d like to archive issues, then select Archive issues.


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