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Import CSV data with the PVCS command

The content on this page relates to platforms which are not supported for Jira. Consequently, Atlassian can not guarantee providing any support for it. Please be aware that this material is provided for your information only and using it is done so at your own risk.

Importing from PVCS is not supported yet, but there is a feature request being tracked here. The above problem occurs when the PVCS command is not configured in the CSV configuration.


In order to import the author of the comment and the date of the comment successfully, there are a few required conditions:

  • Append the settings in the csv configuration file which you have saved the configuration through the wizard

    1 2 3 4 5 settings.advanced.mapper.comment : com.atlassian.jira.imports.csv.mappers.PvcsComment

     For the latest plugin version 2.6.1, please use the configuration below:

    1 2 3 4 5 settings.advanced.mapper.comment : com.atlassian.jira.plugins.importer.imports.csv.mappers.PvcsComment
    • Atlassian Account ID (Example: abcde-12345-fedcba) must exists in Jira

    • The format of the comment should be as below:

      1 2 3 4 "QA Note on Close: abcde-12345-fedcba: 4/28/2004 11:54:35 AM: Closing this defect as it is no longer relevant"

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