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Manage dashboards

A dashboard is a customizable page that can display many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest. Jira users can create and manage their own dashboards.

A shared dashboard is a dashboard whose owner or editors have shared that dashboard with other users. You can share a dashboard with:

  • Group—A group of Jira users.

  • Project—All members or members with specific project roles working on one or multiple projects.

  • Any logged-in user—Any user who is logged in to your Jira Cloud site. 

  • Public—Public sharing means sharing the dashboard with users who are not logged in to your Jira Cloud site. Note that if you share a dashboard publicly, it will be visible and searchable on the internet. See Prevent or remove public access for more information.

  • User—An individual user.

When a dashboard is created by a user, that user:

  • Initially owns the dashboard.

  • Being the owner, can edit and modify the dashboard. See Create and edit dashboards for more information. 

You can change the ownership of any user's dashboard that will allow the new owner to edit and modify the dashboard.

Before you begin: you must be logged in as a user with the Administer Jira global permission.

Search for a dashboard

To search for a dashboard:

  1. Choose > System.

  2. Select Shared items > Dashboards.

  3. Enter your search criteria into the search field and click the Search button.

A list of dashboards matching your search criteria is shown below. Each dashboard shows its:

  • Current owner — this is originally the user who created the dashboard

  • List of shares applied to the dashboard by its owner or editors

  • Popularity — the number of users who have starred the dashboard

Jira looks for exact matches to the search terms you enter in the search field. You can use different operators to help you find wildcard or fuzzy matches to your search queries. For example:

  • Use the fuzzy search operator to help find dashboards that might contain mispellings:

    1 dahsbaord~
  • Use the wildcard search operator to help find dashboards that begin with a phrase:

    1 dash*

    Learn more about search syntax in text fields.

Change the ownership of a dashboard

Before changing the ownership of a dashboard, ensure that you inform the dashboard's current owner of your intentions.

  1. Search for the dashboard that you want to change owners (see above).

  2. Click the icon to the right of the dashboard whose ownership you wish to change and select Change Owner.

  3. In the 'Change Owner' dialog box, enter the username (or name) of the user who will become the new owner of the dashboard.

  4. Select the appropriate user from the drop-down list and click the Change Owner button.

Restore a dashboard from trash

When you restore a dashboard, it will appear in directories and search results. All permissions granted prior to moving the dashboard to trash are also restored.

For dashboards with no assigned owner, the admin restoring the dashboard will become the owner. See the Change the ownership of a dashboard section above for how to reassign ownership of a dashboard.

To restore a dashboard: 

  1. Choose > System.

  2. Select Shared items > Dashboards.

  3. Select the Show dashboards moved to trash checkbox.

  4. Search for the dashboard that you want to restore in the table named Trash.

  5. Click the next to the dashboard and select Restore. A confirmation message box will show up.

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